DCFTA Communication Toolkit

Within the project activities, a training handbook was developed by experts involved in the project consortium. The DCFTA Toolkit serves as an effective handbook for Georgian civil society organizations (CSOs), business consulting organizations (BSOs) and small and medium enterprises (SMEs) for understanding the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area (DCFTA) established between Georgia and the EU. The Toolkit serves as a main training material for those CSOs and BSOs that will conduct trainings for SMEs in Georgia’s regions over the course of implementation of the project. The main aim of the Toolkit is to help CSOs and BSOs to become active players within the DCFTA implementation process in Georgia and to assist SMEs to build up their successful business with the European customers and partners.

The DCFTA Toolkit explains—in simple language and based on practical examples from Georgia, Lithuania and Slovakia—the following: what the DCFTA is; what it means for Georgia and its economy and SMEs in particular; how the DCFTA is being implemented in Georgia; what opportunities the DCFTA creates for SMEs; and the challenges and potential risks of the DCFTA. The Toolkit also contains practical information about exporting to the EU single market (including identifying the main commodities that are being produced in Georgia and therefore have the potential to be exported to the EU). It also contains information on: how to find potential business partners in EU single market countries; how to export products to the EU single market; and the conditions and criteria such exports must fulfil in order to enter the EU single market.

The Toolkit is a practical training material intended to provide a simple explanation of the DCFTA and its implementation in Georgia, as well as information for maximizing the benefits for SMEs located in Georgia‘s regions.

The DCFTA Communication Toolkit can be accessed in English here and in Georgian here.