Trainings for CSOs

Based on the results of civil society organizations (CSOs) survey, the project aims to provide regional CSOs with the skills to independently lead information campaigns about the DCFTA as well as to enable CSOs and business support organizations (BSOs) to provide consultative assistance to small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). This aim to be achieved via two-track trainings. Trainings took place in March and April 2018, for more information about trainings please see the "News section". 

Track 1 - trainings for CSOs to become involved in the DCFTA/SME communication campaign. Altogether 163 CSOs from 61 municipalities were  provided with the skills to independently lead information campaigns about the DCFTA.

Track 2 - trainings for CSOs and BSOs with overlapping functions of CSOs to be engaged in assisting SMEs regarding DCFTA and SME policies. Altogether 163 CSOs from 61 municipalities were trained to provide consultative assistance to local SMEs. Two day-long trainings took place in 10 cities situated in each of Georgia’s nine regions as well as the Autonomous Republic of Adjara. The project intentionally excluded Tbilisi, as it seeks to provide skills and opportunities to regional organizations which currently lack access to relevant information. CSOs' representatives were invited to apply for the trainings via public calls for applications, and were selected according to their motivation to engage in the DCFTA/SME communication campaign and to support local SMEs in their efforts to access the EU single market. Equitable geographical representation, gender balance and involvement of vulnerable groups were also taken into consideration.

CSOs were invited to the trainings upon the promise to independently execute the DCFTA/SME information campaigns and trainings for SMEs and public servants upon completion of the program in their respective regions. For such activities, the CSOs were able to apply for financial support via the project’s re-granting mechanism (link).

The CSOs had opportunity to learn at the trainings:

- What the DCFTA is and how they can communicate it to the public;
- What the DCFTA offers to the SMEs and how CSOs can assist them in the process of adopting EU standards and accessing the EU single market;
- How to engage in monitoring DCFTA implementation;
- How to assist the government in DCFTA implementation; 
- How to apply for the project’s re-granting mechanism and successfully implement the project.