Training of Kvemo Kartli Women's NGO "Unity"

on 30 Nov : 16:51

On November 3, 2018, Kvemo Kartli Women's NGO "Unity" organized a training for school students under the framework of EU funded project "Georgia on European Way:  Creation of Effective Model of DCFTA and SME Strategy Implementation". Training took place at the Kvemo Kartli public schools №1 and №2, which were attended by participants. 
The training covered three main topics: What is DCFTA? Information on advantages of the EU market as well as tariff and non-tariff barriers. Each presentation was followed by relevant thematic videos and school students were asked to reflect on them. Final discussions were held on the different phases of EU accession process, tariff quotas, mechanisms against counterfeiting and AA/DCFTA implementation deadlines. After ending the discussion, the excursion was held at the local enterprise.