Capacity Building Trainings in Ozurgeti, Guria region

on 01 Jan : 00:00

On April 10-11, 2018 ninth capacity building trainings for regional civil society organizations took place in Ozurgeti, Guria region. The training was led by one of the project implementers, the Association of Business Consulting Organizations (ABCO), whose representative, Konstantin Zhgenti, provided trainees with information about the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area (DCFTA), including what DCFTA benefits are available for Georgia, what it offers for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and how the latter can engage into the European single market.
The training in Ozurgeti was attended by 30 representatives of numerous civil society organizations, small and medium enterprises and public officials, among which Agriculture Chamber of Ozurgeti, Women for Regional Development and Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The purpose of the training was to increase civil society representatives’ knowledge about DCFTA and to involve them into the project by providing capacities to inform Georgian public about DCFTA/SME strategy implementation and to assist local small and medium entrepreneurs that they could use DCFTA provided opportunities and would prepare to export to the European market.
Training organizers used different information spreading tools and local governmental and media representatives were in attendance. During the session, the trainees discussed possible difficulties resulting from EU regulation and the question of honey export to the EU market. After the session, almost all of the participants expressed their satisfaction with the training process and the information received itself, with most indicating that new information had been delivered to the participants.
Additionally to the training, an introductory session to the DCFTA Local Advisory Council (LAC) has been introduced as well. Starting from May, 2018, regular meetings of public officials, civil society and SME representatives will be conducted in Guria region. This session was conducted with representatives of the local governmental bodies and small and medium enterprises. Those who attended expressed very high expectations to support its aims to increase awareness and support local communities in integrating Georgia into the European market.